Why You Should Have Your Gas Boiler Serviced Regularly

Gas boilers are an important equipment which help to keep the house warm and also provide hot water for daily use. When a boiler is operating fine most  homeowners think that there is no need to get it serviced. This is a misconception and not servicing your gas boiler would mean potential problems in the future especially in the winter months when you need them the most.

Most boiler manufacturers recommend to get them serviced at least once a year for it to work efficiently. In this article we will discuss some of the important reasons why a boiler service is important and should not be neglected.

Here are reasons why you should get your gas boiler serviced regularly:

1) Efficient Functioning

A regular servicing of you Gas boiler would ensure that it works efficiently without any problems and reduces the need for more expensive boiler repairs in the future. A boiler which is not serviced at least once a year cannot function well and can also increase your energy bill. A complete service would mean that various components of the boiler are thoroughly checked and any part that has problems is replaced. This would ensure that your boiler keeps working efficiently and provide you with hot water especially in the winter months.

2) Safety

A gas boiler which is not maintained and serviced regularly starts producing carbon monoxide gas which is harmful for your health and can even be fatal. The worst part is that this gas has no smell or color so servicing your boiler is a must to stay away from the harmful effects of this dangerous gas. Gas leaks also increase the risk of explosion in the boiler so its advisable to get it serviced regularly from an experienced professional.

3) Prevent Potential Breakdowns

A gas boiler is a vital equipment helpful to keep your house warm during winter months. You should get it serviced as the last thing you want is the boiler to stop working in a cold winter day. The service professionals can detect problems at an early stage and get it fixed. This will ensure that you don’t face any expensive boiler breakdown or new boiler installation costs during winter.