How Much Does a Typical Boiler Installation Cost?

gas-boilersGenerally, a boiler will heat and supply water in the building. The entire system of a boiler is quite complicated, with several parts and accessories. For that matter, the cost of a boiler installation will always vary. The type of the boiler is another  factor that will affect the cost of installation. Some boilers tend to be more complicated and delicate to handle. The plumbing contractor that installs the boiler will also have a different quote, which means that they will be different from others. Nonetheless, here is a look at what you would expect to pay for the boiler  installation:

• A Standard boiler

Most of the standard boilers will have a yearly fuel consumption efficiency of between 80 and 85%. The standard boiler will be categorized into the gas and oil boilers. The gas-powered boiler will cost between £1,500 and £3,000. On the other hand, an oil- powered boiler will cost between £1,000 and £4,500. If you choose the right plumber, this is the cost most plumbing and heating contractors will charge for installing a new boiler, if you didn’t have any other boiler installed. Nonetheless, if you need to replace an existing boiler with the new boiler, you will expect to pay more.

On average, the cost of replacing and installing a new standard boiler is about £3,000. However, it can go to as high as £4,000, depending on the model.7

• High-efficiency boiler

This type of boiler is also categorized under the oil and gas powered models. They tend to be more energy efficient and can cost between £4,000 and £6,000. For replacing an old model with the high-efficiency boiler, it would cost as much as £7,000.

Other costs

You will also expect to incur some other costs like, paying for a mechanical or building permit, if you want to replace your boiler, which will range from £25 to £220. Some plumbers will include their labor charges in the overall installation price, while others will charge it separately. Nonetheless, you would expect to pay between £20 and £40 for labor.

In general, you will want to budget for around £4,100 for a standard boiler and £6,100 for a high efficiency water heater, especially if you are replacing an old one.